/ / PRODUCT

                The Best Chair
                Follow the Ball
                Isaura // LOLA
                Stronger the Fiber
                Photo Bottle
                Live Fish
                Robots MEO Go


                Radar of Slowness
                Hacking Machine
                The X-Files: Hi Aliens
                Would you Rather? Machine
                Mission Imposible Machine
                Thinking Machine
                Beer Counter
                Real Beauty
                4k Comercial
                Beer Analyser

    / / EVENT

                Smart Bathtub
                Emotional Scanner
                Live VR 360º


Live VR 360º


/ / Rock in Rio

We developed a proprietary solution for live streaming in 360º, by having a simple and cost effective set up, we’re able to create an incredible and immersive experience to a broad range of users. It can be recorded and stream for web, oculus rift or smartphones. We launched our Live VR 360º during Rock in Rio - Rio de Janeiro main stage.