We´re all about the future but we do have a past.

A futuristic one, of course. Jack is a tech power house that has been partnering, since 2016, with the best global creativity trough technological innovation. We do R&D, prototyping, robotics, new media, hardware and software. All this, combined with imagination, made us a multi-award-winning company. But we´re not done. The best is yet to come. We´re ready to take on the next impossible challenge, the next big idea, the next innovative MKT strategy to create ingenious products. Challenge us.

Creativity Investigation Technology

Creativity creates new problems.
Investigation finds new solutions.
Technology brings those solutions to life.

Investigation is the starting point of every business project, even more at JACK. We see it as the way to reduce risk, foster innovation culture, create new businesses and also as a way to increase credibility and trust in our company. Creativity is mental investigation. It is searching inside our mind for new impossibles, new frontiers, new challenges that need to be solved. Technology is the raw material from where we draw the solution that will make creativity come to life. Whether it is a new product, a new use of an old product, a new service, a new way of doing. All this working (and thinking) together makes JACK the one stop shop for innovation.